Vectrix VX-1

Good morning, I own a VX-1 (2011 model) and I am having problem with the batteries or software. The scooter runs for 15km, then it slows down. Do you know of any repairer in the UK? Thank you


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Good morning!

It sounds like your NiMH Pack is reaching the end of its life, but there are a few ways to tell. I run a Mercedes garage, but have a sideline with the VX-1. I would be happy to take a look. We are in London, near dartford?

Do you have the original batteries in yours?


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I too have a VX1 which is having problems. Can I give you a call as well? Mine is newer, and was working just fine. Then as I was driving the dashboard started going through what looked like a series of start-up procedures, all the lights flashed, and the speedo went all the way to the end, and back, but it did this 2-3 times and then died. Absolutely nothing works anymore. I tried the kill switch, I removed the front panels and pulled the connector out of the front CPU, thinking that would reboot it, but nothing.