The Vectrix is here!


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All home and actually working quite well on its original pack.

I will test the range once I have the MOT booked. The original pack seems to hold a charge and is currently setting at around 130V at its current charge state.

It needs a rear tyre and an MOT before I can test it on the road properly.

IMG_20190502_181857416_HDR.jpg IMG_20190502_181903262_HDR.jpg
Looks good mate. You taking that wrap off? Think itl look gd original
Is it original nimh batteries then or the vectrix Li ones.
Love the bigger screen too
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Yeah, I will be taking it off, you never know what is going to be on underneath though :( PO said it was OK.

Yes, original Nimh, its a Vectrix Ni I think. (2008?) Any way to tell which it is?

Yes, I have the original too, it should help with range a bit at higher speeds I would have thought.