My Fazer 600 Electric conversion


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Hi all.

Just some details of my FZS600. I bought it pre-converted, so I did not build myself, but I have already started a few modifications.

The specs are (currently):
Enertrac 602 hub motor
Kelly KLS 8080i 400A peak controller
On board 4KW fast charge (Huwaei supplies)
13 Leaf modules (60ah capacity, drained to 45ah), they seem to only have 45 ah max cap when charged to 4.15 volts, so I assume they are quite old.

I am in the process of swapping out the 13 leaf modules for 7 40KWH leaf modules (newer gen). This will bump the system voltage up 8v or so, which should give a few more MPH top speed, whilst also nearly doubling the range!

The old leaf cells will be paired up with 6 more "24kwh pack" modules to then go in the vectrix.

Some pics of the build:

BatBox.jpg BatssIn.jpg Cooling.jpg Dash.jpg Frame.jpg FrontEndBuild.jpg Hub.jpg Leafs.jpg
Looks a great build. Any details on the on board charger. Esd chargers are weak spot on vectrix and prepping for the worst so if this one's not too big. What's voltage it goes up to?


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Thanks, its had a few issues with controllers. Mainly that Kelly controllers are woefully overrated vs what they can actually put out. I have blown up 2 KLS8080i controllers that their rated power output. Now I am running one at 50% capacity, which is reliable enough, but I am leaving around 8kw of power on the table.

The onboard chargers are:

They are modified R4850G'/ I run two in parralel to get 4+KW. They have an adjustable POT on the front for voltage and go up to 120V. For the vectrix, you will need run two in series to get 3kw @150V, depending on how many cells you have.

I run them of a commando connector at the side of my house, but you can get a Type 2 to 32A CEE (commando) that will allow to charge at public charge points. I have not had the need to use that yet.

If you are running 24/30kwh leaf cells, you could use two of the 0-90v version in series to get a 4 hourish charge time.