History of vectrix?


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Hey all, we are a dealer for all electric motorcycles based in east anglia and over the last few years i have been personally collecting a few early rarer models of electric two wheels from brands that are still about and others that didnt quite make it, ive got the oppotunity to have a 2008 vectrix with dud batterys but id like to know actually how many of these were made along with what models were offered and if there are rarer models than others? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alec.
As far as I can remember there was 4 models of VX-1 available under the old Vectrix company.

- VX-1 Ni-MH
- VX-1e Ni-MH
- VX-1 Li
- VX-1 LI+

The new Vectrix company now offers Li-Ion only models with various battery pack capacities.

I used to own a VX-1 Ni-MH that I purchased new in 2008. It was assembled in Sept/Oct 2007 if I recall corectly.