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    Vectrix VX-1

    Give me a call tomorrow - 0203 384 4644
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    Vectrix VX-1

    Good morning! It sounds like your NiMH Pack is reaching the end of its life, but there are a few ways to tell. I run a Mercedes garage, but have a sideline with the VX-1. I would be happy to take a look. We are in London, near dartford? Do you have the original batteries in yours?
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    Leaf cell test data

    Hi all I have added discharge data into the wiki for 2 Nissan leaf module types.
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    Fazer 600 pack upgrade

    Did some work today. All batteries and the battery frame are out of the bike. I also mocked up the newer modules in the frame. There are a few small issues with the old frame (wateproofing and some screws pointing into cells!) but otherwise all good, so I am going to extend the old frame...
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    The Vectrix is here!

    Yeah, I will be taking it off, you never know what is going to be on underneath though :( PO said it was OK. Yes, original Nimh, its a Vectrix Ni I think. (2008?) Any way to tell which it is? Yes, I have the original too, it should help with range a bit at higher speeds I would have thought.
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    My Fazer 600 Electric conversion

    Thanks, its had a few issues with controllers. Mainly that Kelly controllers are woefully overrated vs what they can actually put out. I have blown up 2 KLS8080i controllers that their rated power output. Now I am running one at 50% capacity, which is reliable enough, but I am leaving around 8kw...
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    The Vectrix is here!

    All home and actually working quite well on its original pack. I will test the range once I have the MOT booked. The original pack seems to hold a charge and is currently setting at around 130V at its current charge state. It needs a rear tyre and an MOT before I can test it on the road...
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    My Fazer 600 Electric conversion

    Hi all. Just some details of my FZS600. I bought it pre-converted, so I did not build myself, but I have already started a few modifications. The specs are (currently): Enertrac 602 hub motor Kelly KLS 8080i 400A peak controller On board 4KW fast charge (Huwaei supplies) 13 Leaf modules (60ah...
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    Hi All

    Welcome! Yes indeed, a few people have sent me firmware files etc, so I will work on updating the Wiki tonight and adding them in. I pickup my VX-1 tomorrow, so will start a rolling thread about upgrading that to leaf cells in the near future.
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